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Case study #2

Knockdene HealthCare

A healthcare recruitment agency supplying temporary and permanent registered nurses and healthcare staff to health and social care providers throughout Northern Ireland

How it started


As a healthcare recruitment agency, Knockdene HealthCare were struggling leverage social media to attract the right talent for their clients. They knew that social media was an important part of any business’ marketing strategy but with limited resources, staff and knowledge it was difficult to dedicate the time and money in to building up their company’s online presence.

Posting on social media platforms was great, but without a solid strategy in place it can be hard to get results.

They reached out to us for help in late 2019 and we set to work creating a social media strategy that would hit and exceed their goals and expectations.

What we offered


Based on the client’s requirements, we recommended the following:
To post on both Facebook and Instagram once every other day implementing their bespoke, integrated social media strategy. This included the creation of a social media template that represented their company values; Such as colour schemes, fonts and tone of voice we could keep consistent across platforms.
To create an engaged community and provide followers with value to increase post reach and in turn, the reach of the job posts. This includes responding to comments as this helps build a community and keeps the alogrithms happy.
To introduce social media automation, saving time in the office and also helping pre-qualify any job applicants that we recieved through social media.

What we did


Having only been given the project 9 days before launch, we had a very tight timescale to pull a plan together and implement our strategy.

Competitor research

First, we looked at what competitors there were in the local area, what they were doing on social media and what was appealing to their target audience. We took a note of it and made a plan to replicate it but better.

Create the strategy

With enough information gathered coupled with our knack for creative copy/imagery, advertisting best practices and pre-existing healthcare recruitment digital marketing experience, we put together a plan on how to get the most out of their social media for the next month.


We’ve created the plan, then it was time to hand it over to our budding creatives to do what they do best. Create, design and schedule the posts utilising both, the newsfeed and stories. With their community manager standing by to reply to comments and messages.

How it looked

Copy & design

We used all sorts of different styles of posting to test and optimise what content performed the best, it's a continual process. Social media isn't always about posting exactly what you want all of the time. There's a fine balance of building a community of our target audience, building the engagement with the followers and then posting your goal post, in this case, a job advert. It's not always job recruitment posts 100% of the time, that simply wouldn't achieve the best ROI.

We utilised high engagement posting techniques, some serious and some not so serious! But they always had (and still do!) consistent branding throughout. Competitions always come out on top for engagement and help for growing a page. Below, you're looking for the engagement, reach and job application numbers.

How we did


In our best month
Compared to hiring
/month with automation
+ a few screenshot's from Facebook's own Creator Studio to back up what we're saying!
Click to view the facts a bit bigger 👇

What they said

Client feedback

"As a company that is constantly looking for ways to save money and increase efficiency, we are always on the lookout for new tools or services especially if they help our team feel more valued and included in the company, staff retention is important in this industry. Having Next Level Social as our digital marketing team, I can say with certainty it has been an absolute game changer! Top marks all round."
Eileen McCann
Co-Owner of Knockdene HealthCare

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