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We are a digital marketing agency that specialises in providing social media managment services to businesses that wan't to take their social network game to the next level.

What would doubling or tripling your leads do for your business?

Integrated social media strategies

Organic and paid options engineered to save you both time and money.

Guaranteed engagement

We'll post relevant content for your business and audience.

Boost your traffic & KPI's

Drive traffic, new visitors, leads and sales to your business.
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Social media is everywhere and it has changed in the way that we live your lives. From the way we interact with our family to the latest breaking news. It's everywhere, it's powerful and it's here to stay. We've pulled out some of the latest statistics.
73% of small business owners believe social media marketing has been "effective" or "very effective" for their business.
Average amount of time per day that internet users aged 16 - 64 spend using social media worldwide.
2h 25mins   
71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family.
54% of social media users use social media to research products.
3 Social media posts put together as an example of social media management photos
Digital marketing services

Social media mangement agency

One of the most effective digital marketing methods available today is through social media management.

Publishing varied content on different social media platforms on a regular basis is a necessity in any business digital marketing strategy.

We have a team that can write attention grabbing copy, create amazing graphics and implement these to portray the voice of your business effectively.

Are you ready for your social media to be taken to the next level?

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What is social media management?

Our social media management service is when we are responsible for running and developing a client companies social networks. These actions are determined by a social media strategy following a social media audit.

We create professional images, create the copy and post them on your business profiles for you. We offer our personalised digital marketing services to companies that want to establish themselves on various social media platforms. Maybe you don’t have the in-house staff, the know how or just the time to do it yourself and that’s where we come in. Plus, it's not as expensive as it sounds!

Next Level Social can help your social media profiles reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness and increase customer engagement by posting on social media under your business name whilst keeping it professional, active and lively. We take care of your online presence whilst you focus on running your business.

Beautiful graphics

Graphics and video optmised for each and every social media platform.

Engaging copy

Carefully crafted copy to accompany your professional graphics.

Dedicated account manager

One point of contact at the end of the phone or email during business hours.

You're still in control

Nothing will ever be posted on your social media accounts without your approval.

15+ Platforms

We can work with new and existing social media platforms depending on what's right for your business.

30 day rolling contracts

You'll never be tied in with us. Our promise to you, is that you'll want to stay.
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Social media management agency

Why is social media management essential for your business?

Social media can have a huge impact on your brand or business, it's important that it has a defined, smart and effective strategy. Plus, how the strategy is executed is the secret. Here's a steer on how our process looks..

Identify your goals

The first step is to identify what outcomes we would like to see. Some examples of these include:
• Grow the brand
• Drive leads and sales
• Improve customer retention
• Increase job applications

Benchmark and positioning

Next, we analyse your market and your competitors. This allows us to better understand your market and see what content performs well in your sector. We then analyse the characteristics of your audience, this helps ensure the graphics and copy that we create appeal to the right people.

Social media audit

If you've already got social media profiles, the next step is to perform an audit on the data that's already available. This let's us know what stage you're at with your social media strategy.

Choose our platforms

Once we have analysed the social media networks you already have, we'll look at what other platforms might work well in addition to these. If required, we will make corrections and adpatations to these so that your social media strategy is as succesful as it can be.

Publish content that adds value

To grow your social media following and create a community of engaged followers, it's important that the content posted on your social media platforms provides value to them. Actively listening to your audience, replying to comments/messages and frequently posting will all help grow your social media presence. We have a team of experts standing by ready to manage everything for you.

Analyse performance and results

On a monthly basis, we report the performance of the content that we've posted. We look at what performed well and improve on it whilst consistently testing and optimising to see what performs the best.
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Social media management services

At our digital marketing and web design agency, we specialise in social media management. We have over 10 years experience working with businesses and helping them with their social media accounts. We take a lot of pride in what we do and will never gamble with your trust.

Social networks have became a digital showcase for companies and brands and it's essential they provide the image that represents your brand consistently.

Relevant content, attractive visuals, engaging text, consistent posting, careful interactions and a strong identity are all key to having a successful social media presence. Talk to an expert today and let's take your businesses social media to the next level.

Frequently asked questions about our social media management services

How do I get started?

It’s simple! You can start by reaching out to us via one of the methods on our contact page. One of our friendly representatives will be standing by to help you with any enquiries.

How much does it cost?

We do have off the shelf packages available, however we've found that the needs of every business differ and it's hard to pinpoint an exact list of requirements that'll suit everyone. Our prices start from £247.50 + VAT per month.

Are all of your social media management packages monthly?

Unlike most other digital marketing agencies, we only offer month to month social media packages. This keeps the pressure on us as a service provider to always be at the top of our game and gives you, the client the reassurance that you're not tied in to a 12+ month contract.

Why wouldn't I just hire somebody?

As we all know, hiring an employee can be expensive. You've got the recruitment costs, the training costs, holiday pay, pension and taxes. You'd then need to invest in the scheduling software, analytical programmes and the initial hardware costs from the outset. We manage lots (and lots) of social media pages every day and have the thorough processes and tools in place to cope with whatever's thrown at us.

Do I really need social media for my business?

100%. 10 years ago, people said the same thing in regards to websites, now everyone's got one. A website is great, however it often remains a static communication tool. Potential customers and clients have become accustomed to contacting companies via email and more so, through social media. This is because it's a simple and fast method of communication. This will only continue to grow as time goes on.

What if I don't like what you're posting?

We simply do not allow this situation to happen. Every piece of content has to be approved by a nominated person before it will ever go on to your social media accounts. You'll be in safe hands and we would never gamble with your trust.

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