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We are a web design agency that specialises in the development of websites, online stores and custom mobile applications. Invest in our custom open-source programming and achieve a top tier website that reflects the professionalism that your business needs.
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Website statistics of small businesses in the UK shows a lack of digital marketing strategy or a robust online presence they need to attract and engage their online audiences.
In 2020, 51% of small business owners increased the number of online interactions they had with clients.
Among small businesses without a website, 29% plan to build one in 2021.
79% of entrepreneurs with a business website expect to grow at least 25% in the next three to five years, compared to 64% of those without a site.
53% of mobile website visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load.
Digital marketing services

Website design agency

As a digital marketing agency covering a multitude of services, we bring together our multitude of in-house skillsets to identify client needs, create bespoke designs and implement custom programming to create beautiful websites.

Although we work with a whole host of website building platforms, the majority of our programming would be based on the WordPress CMS. This is because of the user-friendly backend management system that allows our clients to manage their own website with ease. We do offer low cost website management packages for those that want a bit of help too.

Get your perfect website built by a web design agency that is proud of their work, utilises the latest web building technology and has the experience to help your business achieve online success.

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What's the advantages of bespoke web design?

We are a web design agency that prioritises usability, scalability, security, user experience and easy backend maintenance for every client website. To create this, we utilise bespoke designs and custom coding, below are some of the advantages of our unique approach.

Bespoke web design

With our custom website design by our experienced team, you will invest in a website that reflects your brands values whilst promoting your products and/or services. We have some fantastic graphic designers in the Next Level Social team who can turn their hand to nearly anything. We have tested many different variations/layouts and know the combination that converts in to purchases and gains loyal customers.

User experience

User experience is a vital part of any website; Even more so now that Google uses algorithms to 'score' your website and this will affect it's organic rank on search engines. What your website visitors see on your site and the order that they see it will be proportional to its success in making conversions. One important metric that we test as a web design agency, at the end of every completed website is that you can access any page on your website within a maximum of three clicks. This ensures a positive user experience, a low bounce rate and therefore a higher conversion.

WordPress programming

The CMS is the 'Content Management System', the engine that makes your website work. We usually use WordPress as the CMS to design all our websites. This ensures that basic tasks are easy for our clients to manage; For example, the contents or to add or remove photographs. For the visual part, the front-end of your new website, we build with a combination of fundamental HTML elements, PHP, CSS, and JS. This combination offers huge versatility in design, website speed and scalability.

Web scalability

With a scalable website you will be able to grow and implement pages, features and functions at the rate your business grows and new strategies are implemented. For a webpage to be scalable, it must be designed with custom programming. Scalability means that our online developments can grow without becoming redundant. This is exactly what makes this platform an economic investment with the future introductions of automation, ERP modules or CRM's, etc.

Page speed & website security

Two fundamentals of good web design are excellent page speed and robust website security. Often neglected, these have become particularly important in terms of SEO and page visitor retention. With fast page speeds, it is statistically proven that Google can rank your site higher and visitors stay on them for longer. With poor site security, sites can become infected with viruses, injected with malware or worst case, disappear and unrecoverable. We are experts in creating lightning-fast websites with high security processes to match.

We're proud of our results

With the combination of skills and services that we use when building your website, as part of an overall digital marketing strategy, you will have the correct tools in place to take your business to new heights. Wether you're selling via an ecommerce site, advertising your services or just wanting to build loyalty with your brand, we can offer you a bespoke solution. Choose one of the best web design companies to complete your project.
Web design strategy

What's our web design company strategy?

Our website development process looks like the following:
We define your keywords, hierarchy and site structure so that your website or online store offers a great user experience and quickly positions itself in Google.
We prepare a custom web design outline on desktop and mobile. The design team then gets to work before handing over the designs and scope on to programming.
We develop your bespoke web programming with WordPress for the backend and frameworks for the frontend. This is also where we add in ad-hoc integrations if required.
We hand over your completed website and provide training for you to make minor changes on the platform should you choose not to utilise one of our affordable website maintenence packages.
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The technology in great web design

At our digital marketing and web design agency, we specialise in open-source web development. This allows us to incorporate your ideas in to any online platform, guaranteeing the ease of management and obtaining positive results in your business. Be it landing pages, online store development or a corporate website, we are your specialists in web training and online marketing.

As part of our web development process, we program web pages in WordPress and for the front end, we work with frameworks such as fundamental HTML elements, PHP, CSS, and JS.

If your online business needs it, we can implement integrations with CRMs, ERPs or any management and automation system. This allows you total control over the management, recruitment or commercial processes that will be performed on your new website, online store or blog.

Frequently asked questions about our web design services

Web design is heaviliy renouned as one of the key elements in building the digital identity of a company.

A website, online store or app is the main channel that a company can generate a solid relationship with its users and customers. This relationship is strengthened with each interaction and remarketing opportunities.

To ensure we design a high quality website time and time again, we plan all of the different tasks necessary to fulfill our clients brief and align these with your customers needs.

How do I get started?

It’s simple! You can start by reaching out to us via one of the methods on our contact page. One of our friendly representatives will be standing by to help you with any enquiries.

How much does it cost?

This is a really tough question to answer without some information beforehand. We recommend you reach out to us and we'll be able to give you an estimate.

Do you provide the hosting packages for websites?

Yes, we also provide hosting packages for every website that we design. We have experimented with a lot of different hosting providers over many years and we stick by one we know and trust that performs well consistently.

Can you provide domain names?

We also sort out your domain name for you whilst designing your new website. If you already own it, we can get your new site connected to it or if you still need one, we can sort that too.

Do you work with other website builders apart from WordPress?

We prefer to use WordPress because of the flexibility and nearly anything is possible using this CMS. However, we have designed sites using Wix, SquareSpace and Shopify amongst others.

I've got a low budget, can you help?

We may be able to offer you a monthly payment plan instead of one lump sum payment. Reach out to us and we can discuss all of the options that are available.

Take a look at some of our work

Swipe the toggle in the image below to see a before and after our web design team got their hands on it! The before is on the left and their brand new site is on the right.

Feeling fustrated with an outdated design and a lack of user experience, Higgins Car Breakers had lots of website visitors but little to no new leads coming from their website. Alex from Higgins reached out to us for help. They got their brand new website delivered to them within three weeks of first reaching out.
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How ended up 👇

Responsive web design

Their new website scales perfectly between desktop, tablet and mobile screens.

Fast loading times

With a structure score of 88% and a cumulative layout shift score of 0.05 seconds, it doesn't get much better than that.

Simple Navigation

User's can get anywhere on the site within the magic 3 clicks.

Social media links

There are links to their social media profiles as requested.

Excellent photographs

We conducted an on site photoshoot once we had outlined the job requirements.

Client usability

We had training with the client to show them how to add and remove stock.

What had to say

  • Great service. Fast, affordable and I'd recommend them to anyone.
    The Next Level Social team were very helpful and patient with us bearing in mind we aren't very tech savvy! We're more than happy with what they've delivered and would gladly use them again.
    Alex Barclay
    Higgins Car Dismantlers Ltd

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